About Kelly Warner’s Internet Law Legal Practice

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Kelly Warner’s Internet law attorneys will steer you in the right direction.

You’ve Made It To Kelly / Warner Law’s Website!

You’ve landed on the “About” page for Kelly / Warner Law. [Crowd Cheers] Now what? Well, we suppose we could try to beguile you with fancy marketing language and buzz-words — but you’re savvy and would see right through that.

Instead, we decided to forget the usual agitprop in favor of a concise overview of our firm, Kelly / Warner.

(Besides, the only thing you care about is whether or not we’re good lawyers, right? Check here and here to read what other people have to say on that note.)

What’s The Kelly Warner Vibe?

Conventional wisdom advocates for doing what you love. For us, that is lawyering. And since Team Kelly / Warner is comprised of proud geeks, we’ve built a firm that understands today’s digital marketplace.

Our clients are tech companies, startups, boutique finance firms, marketing companies and just about any individual, business, dentist or doctor dealing with an online defamation or trade libel situation.

Lawyers For The Digital Age

Although based in Phoenix Arizona, we work with clients from all 50 states, Europe, Canada, Australia, South East Asia and South America.